Where you want to go needs the tools

to get to your destination.


  1. Wordsmithing
  2. Public Relations
  3. Video Production
  4. Trade shows/Events
  5. Editorial



The power of words cannot be denied. Words, be they in a press release, speech, video script, ad, white paper, web page – or even a tweet, communicate and inform.  The right document, the right words, not only communicates your facts, but the personality of you and your company.   

Komedia Group is your ‘write’ choice.

Public Relations

The press, public and trade, can often be your best ally in getting your message to the right audience. A well-written article or press release needs to be read by the right people – your customers and future clients.

Komedia Group will provide and fulfill an integrated public relations plan including print, web, social media and events. 

We’ve often worked with existing internal and external agencies to supplement their PR efforts.  Or we can build your success from the ground up. 

Video Production

Video is the key to today’s communications – on websites, YouTube, DVDs – and Smart Phones and tablets.  Video not only tells a story, but when done well, it engenders a response.  A good video tells your customers who you are.  A great video makes your prospects want to be your customers. 

We do that.

Komedia’s work includes television (PBS), corporate clientele, education, trade show presentations and training in the electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical and education markets, honored with numerous Telly Awards for sales, informational, educational and training productions.

And we have a few Emmy Award certificates on the wall.

Trade shows/Events

There best way to start a business relationship is with a handshake.    Trade show and events bring you face-to-face with your customers, and your future business.

A trade show presence can range from a small exhibit distributing literature and meeting customers, to ambitious displays featuring live and video and interactive presentations. Komedia has done all of that for clients ranging from Sony and Panasonic to associations and up-and-coming companies.

Komedia has also coordinated (and presented) national and regional marketing tours including Sony’s Videonomics tour promoting Sony products and services to the corporate video market, and Panasonic’s 24P – See It Now tour, introduction the company’s first generation of HD production and postproduction solutions.


Komedia’s John Rice is the former editor/editorial director of Videography and Corporate Television magazines. He has created two books, “HDTV, The Promise, Politics and Economics of Tomorrow’s Televsion”, and “Creating Digital Content” (with Brian McKernan). He was also technical editor of “YouTube for Business.”

If you have an existing manuscript, white paper or any document – or a great idea -  we provide editorial services to polish and refine your words to communicate all you want to say, and all you want to achieve. 

Web Design and Management

Your website tells the world who you are.  In today’s world, your site is also the public face of you and your company.  A good site confirms what people know about you.  A great site makes new visitors want to know more about you – and invite you to turn them from a visitor, to a prospect, to a customer.

You’re doing that right now.

Point, click, … profit.

To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.  -Douglas Adams